27. March 2020

Case Study: Car Wrap Configurator for Wrapstock

For the Wrapstock e-shop that creates and sells car wrap designs all around the world, we have created a configurator in which the customer can choose a new design or a different color of the foil for his car.

The main objective of the configurator is to increase the sales through Wrapstock.com and bring special tools of the highest quality to the market. The whole process can take only a few minutes and the customer has a clear idea of what he gets. The end customer is very often unable to imagine how the new design or another color will look specifically on his car.

How does it work?

After launching the application, you can select a 3D model of car by brand and type. Choose the design you like from the database and it is applied to the 3D model immediately. In the same way works the selection of a single color of the foils or wheels color. Materials of foils look like they are real – whether it is matt, gloss, satin, color flow or chrome.

You can turn the car and look at it from different angles. Once you choose the design you like, the configurator is connected to the Wrapstock.com e-shop, where it is possible to purchase the printing data of the design. Moreover, it's possible to take a picture of the car and send the image to the customer. The platform is based on the long-term experience of professionals from the wrapping business. The design was never more accessible and selection easier and faster. 

Thanks to analytical tools, Wrapstock has an overview of which designs are most successful or vice versa - which have not attracted the customer at all. The analysis data can be used for marketing activities or as a clue for the creation of new designs.

For whom is Wrapstock 3D Changer?

The configurator is primarily intended for car wrapping companies. In their shops, the end customer can come, try the 3D Changer and see what his car will look like after the change of color or design before the actual realization. Of course, the configurator can also be downloaded by the end customer as the basic version is for free and available for everyone.

What is the plan for the future?

Now the configurator contains 100 models of cars, 150 designs, 120 single colors, and 50 wheels colors. We are constantly expanding the content and our goal is that every customer can find his or her car and choose the right design. We are constantly working to make the visualization so good that it is as close as possible to the final realization.

The next step is to extend the Wrapstock 3D Changer configurator to other platforms such as virtual reality, tablet and simple online configurator available through the website.

Are you interested in a configurator for your products?

3D Changer is a platform, which can be adjusted to another client’s needs. A configurator is beneficial for companies, which produce products in different variants. The customer gets the immediate idea of how the products will look like when something is changed. Besides the visualization the configurator can include also information about technical parameters of the product, it’s price, availability, etc.

If you are interested in the configurator, let us know and we can come up with the ideal solution for your company.

Try the Wrapstock 3D Changer! Available at Wrapstock.com


8. April 2020

Virtual Reality For Business

Virtual reality has been around for some time, but it is not used only by technology enthusiasts. It also reached ordinary people and its expansion was helped mainly by the entertainment industry. Now, virtual reality can find usage also in the corporate environment. 

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