We created the Wrapstock 3D Changer configurator for Wrapstock.com, which sells car wrap designs. In the configurator, the customer can choose from the database his car and the design of the wrap that he likes and try out how his vehicle will look like. Wrapstock 3D Changer besides designs includes also the possibility to choose a single color in different materials and change the color of the wheels.

Immediately after choosing a color or design, this change affects the 3D car model. The user can rotate with the car model and view it from all sides. It is possible to export visualizations from the configurator with one click.

Cars appear in four different environments that are completely rendered in 3D and include animations or game elements.

The configurator is connected to the e-shop. Once a customer selects a design, he clicks through to a store where it is possible to buy it.

The 3D Changer Configurator is a platform that can be easily expanded with additional wrap designs and car models or adapted to the needs of a completely different company and its products. You can read more about the configurator in the case study on the blog.

Why us?
Because we love challenges.