Visualization of interiors and exteriors enhanced by spatial perception is becoming a key feature for civil engineering and real estate. Users may walk-through a fully equipped apartment, family houses or any type of structure in VR even before the completion of construction. One can sense space in VR, which is problematic with 2D drawings. 

Furniture, materials, patterns, and colors are implemented according to customers´ liking. We possess extensive libraries to use or we can create 3D models from the ground up.

The exterior is created as a combination of 3D models along with 360°photos of the surrounding scenery. Eventually, the view from the balcony in the VR corresponds to the real view once the housing is completed.

Virtual reality is also great for 3D objects presentation, products as such. Users may view, rotate or unfold them in detail. It is a great tool for prototypes designing or as a presentation for potential investors, too.

VR visualizations are the most effective ones; however, we can create versions compatible with other devices such as tablets and desktop devices at the customer's request.

Other outputs often used in marketing communication are 2D visualizations, for example, images or videos. We can render such files promptly.

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