Third dimension
for your business


3D visualizations

We are creating photorealistic visualizations of both, interiors and exteriors of buildings in the pre-construction phase.

Virtual showroom

Products or projects can be showcased in a virtual showroom. Not only do you not need the physical showroom, but you may easily update or complement the current assortment.


3D Modeling

If you do not have a 3D model yet, we can create it in compliance with drawings or a specific assignment. 

3D video rendering

3D rendered images have become an important form of visual content. Videos are probably the most effective tool to communicate the design and purpose of your product.

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3D Changer is a car wrap configurator created mainly for wrappers and graphic designers. The app is based on 16 years of experience in the car wrapping industry, discussed with professionals to meet their needs and help them with daily work.

This configurator allows users to preview car wrap designs in 3D, do real-time changes, choose from a wide range of wrap films, and create engaging presentations of their work.


App development

To create an immersive experience in VR, the environment should reflect the real world as much as possible. 

Car configurator

3D configurator helps customers better visualize what they can expect as the end product.

Motion capture

We capture real human motion and transition it into a digital character. It is, so far, the most effective and realistic way to transfer real motions into the application.

Training in virtual reality

The Virtual Coach is a training program designated to train the employees in the areas of machine operation, assembly, and safety. In essence, the app instructs the employees during the activity that simulates real-life action.

Virtual assistant

Transmission of the information in VR can be carried out in several ways. For example, by a virtual assistant. Users are taught to use the controllers and guided in the virtual space.
A virtual assistant can replace a real person in such a virtual showroom.

Miroslav Houšť
3D artist



Once the content for the VR is created, it also allows us to customize it for other types of devices.

For instance, platforms such as 3D Changer configurator or Virtual Coach work very well with touchscreen devices, regardless of whether it is Windows, Android or iOS.

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