08. April 2020

Virtual Reality For Business

Virtual reality has been around for some time, but it is not used only by technology enthusiasts. It also reached ordinary people and its expansion was helped mainly by the entertainment industry. Now, virtual reality can find usage also in the corporate environment. 

Virtual reality has tremendous potential, opening up new business opportunities, becoming a great tool for doing business. Tractica predicts that worldwide revenue for VR hardware and software in the corporate sector will reach $ 12.6 billion annually by 2025.

So, what is its contribution to the business? The user has the opportunity to view an environment that does not yet exist, to move from place to place, to look at objects that we would not see in the real world or that it would be difficult to move them to other places. Various animations and simulations can be programmed, the user can interact with the digital environment.

Uses of VR

Visualization of development projects and architecture

The possibility of visualization of houses or flats not built yet, where the user can view and walk through them in real size and perspective – this is the strength of virtual reality. It allows the user to perceive space and brings emotions. You can't just do it by presenting photos or videos.

Visualization of product concepts

In virtual reality, you can see the concept of your product before it is produced. You feel its real size, you can rotate it, disassemble it piece by piece or fold it. Changing color, design or material can be programmed very easily.

This is a very effective form of presentation for potential customers. In the future, it will be common for your client to wear glasses on the other side of the world and meet in a common virtual space to discuss a product or project.

Showrooms and configurators

If you have a product that you offer in a variety of designs, or your portfolio is simply wide, try to think about a virtual showroom. The virtual reality portfolio allows users to view a wide range of these products in the virtual space of your choice.

At the same time, you offer your users an experience connected with your brand. They will talk about it with others, which will attract attention at fairs.

Customers can experiment with different variations of your products using the configurator. It is easy to use it; it saves time and thanks to the instant visualization of the selected configuration it helps the user in the decision-making process.

It can be used not only for the customer to see the final configuration, but also to get important information about the product.

Simulation and training

Virtual reality allows you to simulate a certain situation. Thanks to the realistic environment and the perception of the third dimension, the brain is deceived and “believes” that the situation is real. The combination of experience and audio-visual perception enhances learning and training efficiency.

In virtual reality, it is possible to program different interactions with different objects or to simulate activities that would not be possible in the real world or would be too costly or dangerous to do.


Virtual reality offers:

  • Sales promotion and customer presentation enhancement
  • Life-size 3D space (dimension and depth perception)
  • Clarification of the idea of the customer and the seller
  • Sales through experience and emotions
  • Possibility to create a configurator
  • Simulations (door opening, lights on, etc.)
  • Preventing bad decisions before the project starts
  • Engaging a virtual assistant or virtual coach
  • It is innovative and enjoyable

Any content can be created in virtual reality. Be it a visualization of a house or workplace with a virtual trainer.

Today, virtual reality glasses are available technology and more and more new devices are coming to market. The latest headsets let you be more mobile – just plug them into a laptop with an optimized graphics card or get a wireless version for less demanding applications. Soon there will be features that will allow you to use your hands for control. And the real "Game Changer" will be 5G networks. Due to the rapid progress in the development of these technologies, we can expect major changes soon.


Want to learn more about virtual reality and see if it would also benefit your business? Contact us to arrange a non-binding meeting.


15. April 2021

Car Wrap Configurator 3D Changer

3D Changer is a car wrap configurator created for wrappers and graphic designers. The app allows users to preview car wrap designs in 3D, do real-time changes, choose from a wide range of wrap films, and create engaging presentations of their work.

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