Training conducted through The Virtual Coach is a training program designated to train the employees in the areas (fields) of machine operation, maintenance, assembly, and safety.

Training in virtual reality increases the quality of learning, minimizes errors and simultaneously decreases training costs and provides you with complete training information.  Thus, you may train several trainees at the same time and increase their interest and engagement. For the operations with a high degree of risk, this represents a safe training program for the trainees. Trainee behavior is monitored and analyzed to improve the work process.

Our team creates an immersive digital environment that is as close to reality as possible and contains a lot of interactive features. Almost any situation can be simulated.

Training in VR has the greatest impact on the trainee; however, we can program a desktop or tablet application at the customer's request.

While developing, we are working with the most advanced technology available up to date as the market moves at incredible speed. The future is inevitable!

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